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Precision Chiropractic.

with Dr David Fong 

Hi, I’m Dr David Fong

My goal as your chiropractor is to help you out of pain, so you can concentrate on what matters in life. Over 10 years of practice, I have honed my skills to accurately and consistently find problems, and correct them in the most effective manner. Employing the Gonstead system of spinal analysis and correction I have found excellent results in spinal-related complaints.

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Experience precise, specific, biomechanically-sound chiropractic.

The Gonstead System of Chiropractic is a specific approach to the biomechanical analysis and correction of the spine. The technique was named after the founder Clarence Gonstead (1924-1978), who was a mechanical engineer who applied scientific principles to the human frame.

Let me help you get out of pain.
And get back to what matters most.

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